Project Description

St Joseph’s Aged Care Facility adjoins St Vincent’s Hospital in East Lismore.  It is a dementia specific facility which provides for the transition through the various stages of dementia.

A well designed and accessible landscape can provide essential way finding prompts and reduce risks to support a person with dementia to maintain abilities and take part in meaningful engagement.
The landscape proposals sought to achieve an ‘enabling’ environment by providing:

  • facilities to enable familiar activities such as hanging the clothes out to dry, gardening, growing food plants and going to the post office to post a letter;
  • visual cues and landmarks to assist with decision making;
  • flowing and connecting pathways to assist way finding;
  • low toxicity plants;
  • raised vegetable gardens;
  • a gazebo to encourage family visits and picnics;
  • comfortable and supportive seating in obvious and accessible locations and
  • sensory stimulation opportunities.

The photos show landscape works in progress.